Our friends at Nuts For Life (www.nutsforlife.com.au) have published guidelines on how many nuts we should be eating, around 30g, and the health benefits of including tree nuts into our diets.  Read the full report at http://www.nutsforlife.com.au/media/healthy-handful/ but here are a few highlights:

What does 30g of nuts equal?

  • 20 almonds

  • 10 Brazil nuts

  • 15 cashews

  • 20 hazelnuts

  • 15 macadamias

  • 15 pecans

  • 2 tb pine nuts

  • 30 pistachio kernels out of shell

  • 9 walnuts

  • a small handful of mixed nuts

So it’s time to go a little nutty!
– Sprinkle some nuts on your morning muesli
– They add great crunch to a salad or sandwich
– Keep some nuts in the office drawer for the perfect snack to combat 3.30-itis
– Use them when cooking. From stir-fries to pasta, nuts add an extra boost of nutrients to your evening meal as well as increase the enjoyment with extra taste and crunchy texture.