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Natural Grocer offers mango in a number of pack sizes in the following varieties:

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  • Dried
  • sun dried Mango no preservatives

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Fossilised records from northeast India, Bangladesh and Myanmar (Burma) show the exotic, sweet tasting Mango to have been around for over 25 million years!
Domestic production of the Mango is commonly thought to have begun in the Indian subcontinent more than 4000 years ago. Buddhist monks took Mango plants on voyages to Malaya and eastern Asia in the 4th and 5th centuries BC. By the 10th century AD, Persian traders had taken mango to the Middle East and East Africa. With the arrival of the Portuguese in India in the 15th century, it later spread to South America, the Philippines and to West Africa. Mangos are now cultivated commercially throughout the tropics and subtropical areas including Australia.

The Natural Grocer sources dried Mango in two types. The first is a sweetened Mango from Thailand which is sliced, dipped in syrup and dried. This gives the Mango a real sugary sweet hit in a thicker, softer eating slice.

The second Mango is the delicious sun dried Mango from Queensland. This one has an intense, natural Mango flavour profile with a chewy texture. Quite different in every way to the Thai style, the sun dried Mango looks like a papery autumn leaf!

When the Australian sun dried Mango is out of season (April – August) we source the finest alternative organic Mangoes from Ecuador, South America.

Did you know it can take up to 10kg of fresh Mangoes to make 1kg of dried?

Enjoy our Mangoes in cooking and baking, chopped and sprinkled on your favourite breakfast cereal, mixed through a salad or a simple handful as a delicious snack.

The Natural Grocer offers both styles of Mango in a number of pack sizes.